Welcome to Ovation!Management. We are an international concert agency representing talented and unique classical artists. Since 1989, we have served the needs of presenters throughout the world by offering performers for their special audiences. We take pride in representing our artists with integrity while keeping the presenters' interests our priority.

While our main office is located in Chicago, IL, offices are maintained on the east and west coasts as well.

Blanche Lewis, President of Ovation!Management, has had a career as singer, actress, and director and understands the demands of an increasingly difficult performance arena. Recently, her work has taken her into the presenters' area as founder of an opera company, publicity representative, grants writer, and fund-raiser, thus contributing to her knowledge of presenters' needs.

Having been a successful sales representative in the cosmetic industry, Alexander Boas brings his expertise in sales to promoting artists in the sophisticated world of entertainment.

We are members of NAPAMA, the Southern, Western, Midwest, Eastern, and California Arts Alliances and the Illinois Council of Orchestras.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. If you would like to learn more about Ovation! Management and the artists it represents, follow this link.

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